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Refeed® are optimized lipid supplements that modify the membrane lipid content of cultured cells. By remodeling the cell membrane lipid composition, they are able to solve major culturing issues and boost specific bioprocesses. A revolutionary lipid supplementation will make your in-vitro cultures more efficient and suitable for your specific needs. Using Refeed® is easy: simply add it to your current cell culture medium and keep going with your cell culturing.


Enhanced performance of key parameters such as virus and protein production, cell transfection, stemness, scaffold affinity, cryopreservation survival rates, etc.

Accurate physiological or pathological membrane phenotypes, with higher quality of data and de-risking of drug development.

Catalogue Refeed®supplements

The lipid composition and biophysical properties of the membrane network are extremely altered in vitro due to current cultivation processes. Through our catalogue products, you will be able to modify the membrane lipid content of your cultured cells, in order to recreate physiological or pathological phenotypes, typical of in-vivo human cells, upgrading your in-vitro experimental models and your biological data. Our catalogue in brief:
  • Generic Refeed®: applicable to any in-vitro cultured cell type, are able to develop cultured cells characterized by a membrane network reflecting physiological or predisposing conditions;
  • Dietary Refeed®: applicable to any in-vitro cultured cell type, are able to simulate the effect of different dietary lipid regimens on cultured cells;
  • Specific Refeed®: specifically designed for selected cell types and/or a cluster of cell lines.

Custom Refeed®supplements

We have the technical and manufacturing capability to produce a wide variety of customized Refeed®, from small formulation modifications to complicated engineered-to-order products. Our customized Refeed® are able to improve valuable biological parameters such as membrane composition and properties, molecule expression and folding, cell physiology, cell stemness and differentiation capacity, virus and protein production, scaffold affinity, transfection, cryopreservation, etc. If you tell us more about your needs and problems we can help you solve them. For each Refeed® development, we perform membrane lipidomics analyses, comparative statistics, literature studies and iterative rounds of tuning.


We can supply animal-free, fully synthetic or GMP-grade Refeed® suppements. We guarantee a 3-day delivery even for big volumes and discounts for bulk quantities. We ship our Refeed® with the well-known shipping brand FedEx.


We offer a free ongoing update of your formulation, in order to keep the Refeed® always aligned with your culturing protocols. If you want to periodically check up the membrane lipidomic status of your cultured cells, please refer to our Report Service.


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