The proof of our commitment to quality and innovation.


Since the beginning of its life, Remembrane has considered its customer satisfaction a priority goal, this is why the company has adopted a Quality Management System certified according to the ISO-9001:2008 international standards.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 – “Analysis of the lipidomic profile of the membrane network of cultured cells and biopsies” and “Design and development of lipid supplements for cell cultures”


Remembrane is classified as producer of Ancillary Materials. Even if there is no obbligation for the Company to follow GMP standards, we consider it important to comply with such standard, in order to better meet the needs of our customers who are involved in clinical studies.

As producers of Ancillary Materials, we have therefore implemented a production system compliant with the criteria of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). By doing so, we have improved our internal quality standards, making them more aligned to our qualification as supplier of GMP-grade products.


Remembrane relies on one of the most comprehensive worldwide up-to-date databases of scientific papers concerning lipidomics of cultured cells, tissues and biopsies. Each of the 1000+ papers is classified on the basis of different parameters, such as the source of biological material, the type of tissue, the experimented cell type and/or cell line, the possible disease, the type of analyzed and/or supplemented lipids, the main findings and other useful tips. This database allows to perform personalized cross-researches by using the above-listed multiple parameters.

Remembrane has built and makes use of one of the most comprehensive databases of analyses of membrane fatty acid composition of cultured cells, tissues and biopsies, based on analyses carried out through in-house experiments and its Report service. Its database includes different cell lines, primary cells, stem cells, tissues, biopsies and the most heterogeneous experiments performed by research laboratories from all over the world. This database allows to perform personalized cross-researches by using multiple parameters, including fatty acid values, sums and indexes, types of cell lines, experimental modalities, etc.


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