Our Proposal

We focus on membrane lipidomics of in-vitro cultures and we develop customized in-vitro lipid supplementation in order to address major culturing issues or boost specific bioprocesses. Our tailor-made Refeed® formulations can be adapted to any cell culture conditions and can be animal-free, fully synthetic or GMP-grade.

Why Membrane Lipids

Cells possess a tremendous complexity of lipids and related enzymes and pathways, with more than 4000 different lipid species. Membranes are a cornerstone in cell physiology and they influence most of cellular processes. Therefore their lipid content definitively deserves serious consideration. A tailor-made lipid supplementation will make your in-vitro cultures more efficient and suitable for your specific needs.

Advantages of our solution

Thanks to our technology and know-how, each tailor-made Refeed® formulation enhances key performance biological or commercial parameters such as protein production, virus production, cryopreservation, quality of physiological models and pathological models, lipid media formulations, stem cells & cell therapy, transfection, etc. We are fully flexible and ready to help you evolving your in-vitro culturing.

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