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Today ReMembrane publishes its new website and launches this blog, which is dedicated to the field of lipidomics and membrane network of cell cultures. We welcome all those who will have the opportunity to read and share its contents and thoughts.

This blog will provide you with new ideas, food for thought and topic-related news, links to interesting papers and new technologies. We would like it to become a reference point to all users of cell culture technology who are looking for new solutions to existing problems or willing to make a quality step towards improved experimental models.

You are free and encouraged to comment and share links or other information. In fact, we value your opinion and knowledge, we regard it as an enriching contribution to the topic discussion and to the experience exchange. We only ask you to help us keeping a friendly and constructive environment with complete respect for other people’s opinions.

Through this blog, we aim at providing a useful tool that will make the time you have spent reading it fruitful. We also hope that you will find it interesting enough for you to save the blog page link in your favorites and come back. We thank all readers and contributors in advance, for their interventions and enrichments to the discussion and their sharing of ideas and experiences.

Enjoy our blog!

ReMembrane’s team


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