Viruses, those smart guys!!!


In recent years, the literature has been enriched by a series of high quality papers regarding the importance of lipids in the viral replication cycle. There are several viral families, but obviously they have not all been given the same consideration and have not been all equally investigated. For instance,  Lentiviruses and HIV in particular, have been prioritized and it could not be otherwise, given their importance in current research.

It is obvious that lipids play a major role in viral replication cycle. First of all, lipids are involved and are responsible for much of the Infection process. However, their greatest importance resides in the Assembly, Budding and Maturation processes for which viruses have learned to exploit and benefit from the use use of a wide variety of lipid molecules. 

Many classes of lipids are finely controlled by viruses. From particular fatty acids and phospholipids to complex Glycosphingolipids, Gangliosides and Phosphoinositides, each molecule is finely adjusted and strategically used to optimize a specific part of the process.

Thus, it seems that over their evolution,  viruses have managed to optimize their replication process thanks to a strategic and systematic exploitation of lipid molecules which are present along their infection path.

Happy Culturing

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