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The Cover Story of Euro Biotech News N° 1-2 |Volume 12|2013 is about stem cells and StemBANCC - the new EU project through which 10 big Pharmas have joined forces with 23 European research groups and three SMEs to set up a huge cell bank derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) for drug screening.

 “According to the IMI, the aim of this international project is to generate 1,500 iPS cell lines from 500 different donors. These will then be characterized in terms of genetic, protein, and metabolism before being made available to researchers.”

 The main goal of the project is to use hiPSC technology to replace animal models with in-vitro ones, so as to help obtaining more predictive results through an appropriate mimic of human biology.

 “A less sensational but no less important goal is to optimize protocols for the appropriate culture, differentiation, expansion and maintenance of stem-cell derived cell-types.”

 Many recent papers have clearly discussed and agreed on the fundamental importance of the quality of the cell membrane network and of its lipid content in maintaining the correct functionality of stem cells.

 So, guys, we hope you will not forget about membranes …

Happy Culturing!

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