Report 3.0 – our Visual Response


During these hot summer days we have given Report a new look, turning it into a simpler and more effective tool for understanding the membrane network behavior of in-vitro or in-vivo cells.   

In response to the difficulty expressed by some of our customers with the understanding of data, we have developed a new graphic data layout, which is eye-catching and simple. From now on, even those who are not expert in the field will need just 60 seconds to get the general effects and changes that the membrane network has on cell physiology.     

In addition to the graphs and tables showing the most relevant data, we have included a new way of presenting statistical analysis results, which allows a complete and immediate understanding of all significant variations.

We have also invented a Biological Array, which is included at the end of the lipidomic interpretation section and gives Report users an overview of the membrane network influence on cell physiology. In a scientific era characterized by the “smaller and smaller” approach, the Biological Array gives you an overall simplified view of the cell.

Did we tickle your fancy? Download our brand new Report Example Brochure and start thinking of possible uses in your particular research fields.

This is Report 3.0. Our commitment to make your research take wing.

Remembrane’s Team

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