Remodeling membrane order


Cell membrane fatty acids influence fundamental properties of the plasma membrane, including membrane fluidity, protein functionality, and lipid raft signalling.


The fatty acid composition of T cell membrane lipids has been widely reported to influence immune and inflammatory responses. Evidence suggests that dietary n-3 PUFA may target the plasma membrane of immune cells by altering plasma membrane lipid dynamics, thereby regulating the attenuation of immune cell activation and suppression of inflammation.

As lipid-based immunotherapy might be a promising new clinical strategy for the treatment of inflammatory disorders, Fan YY and coworkers conducted in vitro and in vivo experiments to examine the effects of n-3 PUFA on CD4+ T cell membrane order, mitochondrial bioenergetics and lymphoproliferation (Fan YY et al., 2018).


Their interesting results demonstrate that the dynamic reshaping of human CD4+ T cell plasma membrane organisation by n-3 PUFA may modulate down-stream clonal expansion.


Remembrane’s unique know-how in shaping membrane lipidomics of cultured cells by tailored lipid supplements is now a must-use in immunotherapy applications and can significantly help companies in the development of more effective ATMPs and of more efficient production processes.


Happy culturing!!!

Remembrane’s team


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