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Remembrane® products and services offer revolutionary approaches and reliable results for your research work. Innovation is intrinsic to each and every product of Remembrane® and high-quality raw materials, precise formulations and rigorous nal testing guarantee optimal product performance.

Our products Refeed® are optimized serum- and animal-free lipid supplements that modify the membrane lipid content of cultured cells, developing different membrane network phenotypes and modifying selected physiological properties. Refeed® are fully defined combinations of lipids, antioxidants and molecules involved in the lipid metabolism and are suitable for any type of cultured cells and protocol used in your laboratory.

Remembrane is proud to present its first catalogue of Refeed lipid supplements, that can be downloaded from the website "Home" page and "Products" page. Catalogue Refeed have been designed to recreate physiological or pathological membrane composition and properties in cultured in-vitro cells, and are divided in Generic, Dietary and Specific Refeed.

- The Generic Refeed® supplement are able to develop cultured cells characterized by a membrane network reflecting physiological or predisposing conditions. Membrane lipids deeply influence membrane biophysical properties and cell physiology, and each Refeed® generate a unique membrane environment with unique features.

- The Dietary Refeed® series has been developed to simulate the effect of different dietary lipid regimens on cultured cells. Lipids obtained from the diet constitute up to 95% of the lipids used by cells and deeply in uence the membrane lipid composition, its biophysical properties and the entire cell physiology.

- The Specific Refeed® supplements have been developed by Remembrane® internal R&D team or in collaboration with partner universities and companies. Each Refeed® formulation is specifically designed for a cell type and/or a cluster of cell lines.

Our technical team is at your disposal for any information or advice regarding our catalogue Refeed®.

Happy Culturing!!!

Remembrane’s Team

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