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The membrane network seems to be one of the least considered and studied part of cell biology, although it can be found in every parts of the cell (from the Golgi to the Plasma Membrane, from the Nuclear Membrane to the Endoplasmatic Reticulum) and has several functions, often forgotten or superficially considered.

Remembrane aims at widening the horizons of the cell culture sector, by opening a window on the membrane network. In fact, it looks like the sector has forgotten of the capital importance of the cell membrane network, resulting in less reliable and inconsistent experimental data. Therefore, ReMembrane leads the Cell Culture Technology a step forward, by envisaging the cell membrane network as a fundamental and indispensable actor of all cellular processes.

Being the primary constituent of cell membranes, the lipid content influences practically all membrane functions. This is why it is essential to know all information about its content, so as to fully understand its behavior and functionality, from the fluidity to the raft formation, from the folding of trans-membrane proteins to the second messenger release.

Now you can use the Report service our R&D team has developed. Report provides you with a fatty acid analysis of the membrane network of cultured cells. This service is integrated with statistical analyses of experimental data and its lipidomic interpretation.

The data provided will enable you to get a full picture of the membrane network and will be useful for your researches, scientific publications or just to open up a new line of research or consolidate an hypothesis. Moreover, thanks to our expertise and competence, the data will be provided in an easy-to-interpret, meaningful way, and will offer you some interesting stimuli for reflection.

We hope we aroused your interest in the topic and we stay at your disposal for any further information or need. We renew our reflection meeting on lipidomics of cultured cells during the next weeks in this blog.

Happy culturing!

ReMembrane’s team

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